Wednesday, October 28

Need Advice

Will had his 9 month checkup a couple weeks ago and he was in the 65th percentile for height but only the 20th percentile for weight! The doctor said not to be worried about it, but I AM!!! He is so skinny, I want a fat chubby baby! I still nurse him about 4-5 times a day and then I feed him baby food / finger food 3 times a day and sometimes a snack in the afternoon. He eats good and I know that he is probably just burning off all those calories crawling all over the house, but still there has to be a way to fatten him up. So, what was your feeding schedule/menu like when you were feeding a 9-10 month old? Any advice would be helpful!

Here is a little video showing just how crazy this kid is. He was scooting along the fireplace and his little legs looked so funny I started laughing at him and he started tripping out, so I pulled out my phone to see if I could get it on tape. It's not quite as funny as the first time and starts off slow, but still pretty funny!

Tuesday, October 27

Almost Lost

The other night I dropped off John to get a hair cut and then baby boy and I went to Lowe's. When I came out, I put Will in the car and then realized I still had the shopping cart. I ran it up to the nearest return stall. Then, driving back to pick up John I realized I had left my purse in the cart, AHHHHHH!! I flipped a U-turn and headed back. I got to my cart and my purse was gone, NOOOOOOO! I went inside and asked customer service if anyone had turned it in and they said no, then I looked in the trash cans to see if someone had taken what they wanted and thrown the rest away . . . Nothing. I looked around to see if I saw anyone with it and then checked the shopping carts again . . . Nothing.

So, feeling dejected and my faith in society crushed, and I left again to pick up John. I started thinking about all the things I have to do, cancel my credit cards, call the cell phone company (oh my poor iPhone, John will probably never let me get another one!), get new medical cards . . . and I just felt sick to my stomach, ugh! When John got in the car he said "let's go back to Lowe's some lady just called me. She found your purse and is turning it into customer service." Woo Hoo, Hallelujah!!! A big THANK YOU to the nice lady that turned my purse into Lowe's customer service with all the contents still in it!!! I'm not sure how I missed seeing her, but oh well, THANKS SO MUCH!!

This experience got me thinking about other times in my life I had things stolen. Like in 3rd or 4th grade when I brought my Zelda game to school to trade with a friend and someone STOLE IT out of my backpack, heartbreaking, or when I was a freshman and someone stole my purse off the bleachers in PE, SO MEAN! I'm just glad that this time someone was nice and saved me a lot of trouble and stress!

Saturday, October 10

9 Months


Will turned 9 months yesterday and boy has the time flown by!! I can't believe how big he has gotten! He is a little rascal that WEARS ME OUT!! He is SUPER active! He is crawling all over the place and will probably be walking soon. He has two teeth and has already chewed notches into his crib! He is such a happy baby. He smiles and laughs all day long. He does have my temper though, I see that when he gets frustrated with his toys. We have had the best time these past nine months!! Ok, the first couple of months were a nightmare, but overall this has been the happiest and funniest times of our lives!!