Wednesday, June 20

GroopDealz Giveaway

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Thursday, July 14

Let's go choo choo trains!

Will thinks Barnes & Noble is just a place to "play choo choo trains." That's okay because it means I get to go to the bookstore all the time :)

Sunday, January 30

Little Drummer Boy

My nephew got a drum set for his birthday and we could not keep Will off of them. Looks like we've got a future rocker!

Saturday, January 29

Cool Birthday Invitation

My nephew's birthday party was today. He's a teenager now, ahhhh! He loves Call of Duty, so I made these invitations and poster for his party.

Thursday, January 13

Unbeatable Price

We went to Walmart so I could use their insta-print machine to print some photos. I wanted some 5x7's, but they were over $2 a print and the 4x6's were only 28 cents. Not much of a size difference, I just don't get it...

This pic doesn't really go with the story, but it's cute!

Update: Just realized this is the second post this week that I mentioned Walmart, we really don't go there THAT much! Also, I usually use Shutterfly and order prints online, anyone have any better alternatives?

Monday, January 10

Georgia Ice

Here's a look at our icy day. Schools were cancelled today and will be closed tomorrow too. John worked from home because our driveway was so icy. It finally melted late this afternoon, so we were able to go out for a little bit. We went to Walmart to get some milk and break and ALL the gallons were gone and all the eggs were gone!

Sunday, January 9

A two year old is so many things...

Happy Birthday Will! You bring us so much joy every day and are truly the light of our lives.