Thursday, January 13

Unbeatable Price

We went to Walmart so I could use their insta-print machine to print some photos. I wanted some 5x7's, but they were over $2 a print and the 4x6's were only 28 cents. Not much of a size difference, I just don't get it...

This pic doesn't really go with the story, but it's cute!

Update: Just realized this is the second post this week that I mentioned Walmart, we really don't go there THAT much! Also, I usually use Shutterfly and order prints online, anyone have any better alternatives?


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Candi said...

I use Sam's 1 hour for everything I do. They even do HUGE prints in 1 hour. Pretty cheap too. Just make sure you click the button to not auto adjust your photos. They are always funky when I forget to do that.

Mella & Syd said...

I use to store photos online and print. They will print to Walgreens for ya and not have to pay shipping. I also just use Walgreens and I signed up for their photo coupons. They are $.10 for 4x6 and were doing 1/2 off 5x7's this week. Weekly specials. They also are almost 24x7. I avoid that box store that you mentioned as MUCH as possible. :D) I heard that CVS does something similar but I haven't used them yet.

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