Wednesday, May 19

It's been a long time!!

Hello everyone!! It seems like forever since we posted anything. Don't worry, we will try and get back in the swing of things. Everything in C-town is going great and little Will is getting bigger everyday. Here's the run down of what we have been up to lately.

Angela is still working as a free lance web developer and has been very busy lately. On top of that, she has the full time job of taking care of Will. I don't know how she does it day in and day out, but she makes it happen. She is a really loving mother and I am very proud of her and all she does. Some of the other things that keep her busy are cutting coupons and reading. I got her a B&N Nook ereader for mothers day and she really seems to enjoy it...score one for me. She is still the secretary in the young woman's at church and she seems to really like that also. She is always doing arts and crafty things for it.

I am still working in the same job and I just celebrated my 5 year anniversary with the company. They gave me a I guess that was nice. A pay raise would have been better, but I will take what I get. I am still in the clerks office at church which is pretty nice. Mainly because I get to see how much tithing everyone is paying....just kidding. I have been trying to work out and watch what I eat because as I get older I am more concerned about my health. Before long the topic of conversation with all my friends will be what medications we are on and what procedures we recently had and what parts of our bodies hurt. But hopefully those conversations are a ways down the road.

I finally saw Avatar a while back and was pretty impressed. I think I must have been the last person to see it judging by the ticket sales. The story line reminded me of dances with wolves. Did anyone else pick up on that? But I guess that's not the first time the same movie has been made twice. Another example would be the original Fast and the Furious movie, it was copied after the only cool Patrick Swayze movie Point Break. Watch them again and you will see what I mean.

Some of the music that I have been listening to lately is Eric Hutchinson, Manchester Orchestra and The Swell Seasons...check them out they are pretty cool. Angela has been jammin the Lady Antebellum CD, which I have to admit is pretty good...for country.

As for Will, like I said, he has been growing up so fast. He has been teething a lot lately, which has made him a little irritable. But all thing considered it hasn't really been that bad. He can say ma ma, da da, bye bye, juice, cheese and backpack. That last one is from Dora the Explorer. I guess we let him watch a little too much TV at night. He is super high energy and goes non-stop from the moment he wakes up until it is time to go to bed. Which keeps us on our toes, but is good because it makes him a really good sleeper. He goes to bed at 9:00 and is out until at least 8:00 the next morning. He slept until 9:45 today, which I am sure Angela loved. He is a really happy kid and has been such a blessing in our lives. We still can't believe we are parents to such a sweet little one.

Well, that's the update for now. We will try and make more time to post stuff, so keep checking in from time to time.

Below are a few recent pics. Enjoy!!!