Thursday, October 30

Welcome to Moe's!!

For the last couple of months I have been craving Nachos Billy Barou from Moe's like crazy. I have to have them at least once a week, usually either Wednesday before Church or Friday night. It drives John crazy, he is so sick of Moe's!! (Yet, he can eat Taco Bell anytime, Ugh - go figure!) So the other night when we were out and about, John asked what I was hungry for and when I said Moe's, of course, He groaned and said, "What is wrong with you! Our baby is going to come out addicted to Moe's and speaking spanish. 'Hola mama, como estas? Mi gusta queso blanco!'" He said a few other things that I didn't understand, but I laughed so hard, what a nut!! All I have to say to that is . . . WELCOME TO MOE'S!!!

After thought: Maybe we should go with Jessie's suggestion a couple of weeks ago of naming the baby Jorge instead of Will!
Jessie: "Angie....if you really want my honest opinion here it goes. I think you should name the baby......Jorge Haralson (pron.'Hor-hay' just in case John forgot his spanish).....that would be AWESOME! :)"

Friday, October 24

Perry Fair

We went to the Perry Fair a couple of weeks ago with our friends Candi, Tyler, and their little girl. I hadn't been to a fair in so long and I had so much fun! I love fair food and I'm so glad I got to eat a funnel cake . . . yay! Here are a few pictures from the day!

Here we are on the ferris wheel, it was a little scary because it kept making all these creaking noises, but we made it off safely!

Candi and Tyler also on the ferris wheel. We rode it twice, even though it was creaky! It was the only ride I could ride!

Annagrace got to ride the carousel and liked to wave at us!

There were people peddling these bubble machines everywhere.

A view of the fair grounds from the ferris wheel.

Monday, October 20

I've been bitten by the LoveBug . . .

Ok, this is embarrassing, but I am fessing up . . . I like music by the Jonas Brothers! Don't laugh! I find myself jamming along to a song on the radio and think hey this song is pretty good, I wonder who sings it. I pull up the Shazam app on my iPhone (love Shazam!), let it record some of the song, and whaddaya know . . . Jonas Brothers . . . Ahhhh! Dang those catchy songs! So, I'm not running out to the store to buy their CD or anything, but I thought I would confess my guilt, I am so ashamed! :)

John said that the other day he was riding in the Jeep with the top down and he had the radio turned up really loud. He said he suddenly realized he was jamming the Jonas Brothers and quickly turned the radio down and looked around to see if anybody was staring! LOL!

Shhhh! Don't tell my secret! :)

Wednesday, October 15

Growing . . . growing . . . growing . . .

My belly has actually gotten big enough now to post some pics. These pics are at 14 weeks, 24 weeks, and 26 weeks.

For those that don't already know, we decided on a name. He will be William Edward Haralson and we'll call him Will for short. William from John's middle name and Edward from John's Grandad's name. I haven't really blogged much about pregnancy, so here are a few things . . .

Best things about pregnancy so far:
  • Feeling the baby move

  • Telling John the baby needs food

  • Always getting my way

  • Looking and shopping for baby stuff

Annoying things about pregnancy so far:
  • Constipation (Sorry guys!)

  • Pricking my finger 4 times a day :(

  • Not being able to sleep

  • Already feeling huge

  • Maternity Clothes

Sunday, October 12

Anyone have a pocket protector I can borrow?

I have to make fun of John for wearing glasses now because he always makes fun of me when I have to wear my glasses. He'll call me four eyes or tap on my glasses. He thinks its hilarious. Ok, I actually haven't been that mean. I've only called him a nerd a couple of times! I want him to wear his glasses so he can actually see and I think they look pretty good on him. When we first got married he had his eyes checked and got some glasses, but he hardly wore them and then they broke. His vision has gotten worse over the last year and I've bugged him so many times to get his eyes checked, but he never would. Well, he finally went and got some glasses and then the next weekend he broke them!! Luckily there was a 30 day warranty and he got them replaced for free, yay!!

Wednesday, October 8

Ode to Salonpas

You are smelly and sticky,
but oh what wonders you do!

So, ever since I was little, we always had Salonpas in the house to help relieve my dad's arthritis. They are just these sticky medicated pads that you put on for a couple of hours that help soothe minor aches and pains. My mom bought them from either the commissary or the oriental store, but I think they are in a lot more stores now. She was always trying to stick them on me when I had any kind of aches . . . "put on a Salonpas!" Well, I really appreciate them now that I'm older. I had a terrible pain in my shoulder all day yesterday. Probably from a bad sleeping position. I just can't sleep comfortably anymore since my belly is getting big, and I'm not used to sleeping on my side! I finally called John to complain to him and he said did you try putting a Salonpas on, there are some in my nightstand. He uses them all the time, by the way! I decided to wait to put one on until bedtime, so it would help me sleep. Worked like a charm! My shoulder didn't bother me at all and feels much better today. Hurray for Salonpas!!

Thursday, October 2

Lolli Lolli let me see you pop that body!!!

The other day a couple co-workers and I were on our way to the bowling alley for the Wednesday lunch bowling league, but before we go we usually grab a bite to eat. This day we decided to eat fresh and go to subway. Well, we were all in line and ordering our subs and the girls behind the counter were just having a good ol' time...Laughing and talking to everyone. It was nice to see people so happy at work, that is usually not the case lately. Anyways, my two teammates got their subs and went and sat down. I was the only one left up by the counter waiting for my sub to get toasted, when all of the sudden two of the girls behind the counted started to drop it like it's hot while singing lolli lolli, by Three 6 mafia. I mean, they had their hands on their knees dropping it to the ground and back up again. It was freakin hilarious. So, I decided to add the song to my blog to see how many people I can get out of their seats and pop it . Enjoy!!! Oh, and I am not sure if the song is edited or not, but the first couple minutes sounded fine.