Thursday, October 2

Lolli Lolli let me see you pop that body!!!

The other day a couple co-workers and I were on our way to the bowling alley for the Wednesday lunch bowling league, but before we go we usually grab a bite to eat. This day we decided to eat fresh and go to subway. Well, we were all in line and ordering our subs and the girls behind the counter were just having a good ol' time...Laughing and talking to everyone. It was nice to see people so happy at work, that is usually not the case lately. Anyways, my two teammates got their subs and went and sat down. I was the only one left up by the counter waiting for my sub to get toasted, when all of the sudden two of the girls behind the counted started to drop it like it's hot while singing lolli lolli, by Three 6 mafia. I mean, they had their hands on their knees dropping it to the ground and back up again. It was freakin hilarious. So, I decided to add the song to my blog to see how many people I can get out of their seats and pop it . Enjoy!!! Oh, and I am not sure if the song is edited or not, but the first couple minutes sounded fine.


Angie said...

You know you are in the south when . . . the fast food workers are breakin' it down! LOL!

nick said...

Jess had a coworker try to teach her to dance that way while working at Anne Taylor and she turned around and saw that she had a guy watching them through the window! So....question....were they pretty good dancers?

John said...

They were excellent dancers. They could have been in the three 6 mafia music video.

Nick said...

question...did you dance with them?