Sunday, October 12

Anyone have a pocket protector I can borrow?

I have to make fun of John for wearing glasses now because he always makes fun of me when I have to wear my glasses. He'll call me four eyes or tap on my glasses. He thinks its hilarious. Ok, I actually haven't been that mean. I've only called him a nerd a couple of times! I want him to wear his glasses so he can actually see and I think they look pretty good on him. When we first got married he had his eyes checked and got some glasses, but he hardly wore them and then they broke. His vision has gotten worse over the last year and I've bugged him so many times to get his eyes checked, but he never would. Well, he finally went and got some glasses and then the next weekend he broke them!! Luckily there was a 30 day warranty and he got them replaced for free, yay!!


Jessie said...

Nerd Alert!!! Just playin'....I think they look great!

I actually like it when Nick where's his glasses I think they are sexy....sorry probably TMI!!

Sandy said... it that why you enjoy audio books?? Keep wearing them...they look nice on you.

Candi said...

is that a hint of a stroller i see next to john? did yall get one?? sorry, i just love baby stuff!

Angie said...

Yes, we got a stroller / car seat combo! :)

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