Sunday, January 30

Little Drummer Boy

My nephew got a drum set for his birthday and we could not keep Will off of them. Looks like we've got a future rocker!

Saturday, January 29

Cool Birthday Invitation

My nephew's birthday party was today. He's a teenager now, ahhhh! He loves Call of Duty, so I made these invitations and poster for his party.

Thursday, January 13

Unbeatable Price

We went to Walmart so I could use their insta-print machine to print some photos. I wanted some 5x7's, but they were over $2 a print and the 4x6's were only 28 cents. Not much of a size difference, I just don't get it...

This pic doesn't really go with the story, but it's cute!

Update: Just realized this is the second post this week that I mentioned Walmart, we really don't go there THAT much! Also, I usually use Shutterfly and order prints online, anyone have any better alternatives?

Monday, January 10

Georgia Ice

Here's a look at our icy day. Schools were cancelled today and will be closed tomorrow too. John worked from home because our driveway was so icy. It finally melted late this afternoon, so we were able to go out for a little bit. We went to Walmart to get some milk and break and ALL the gallons were gone and all the eggs were gone!

Sunday, January 9

A two year old is so many things...

Happy Birthday Will! You bring us so much joy every day and are truly the light of our lives.

Saturday, January 8

Beanie Baby

I've posted before about how much Will likes hats. He even puts his toy buckets on his head like a hat. This time he put on his dad's beanie. Too cute!

Friday, January 7

Best Sandwich Ever

I love these new bagel thins, they are perfect for sandwiches. John made the original sandwich for me. Bagel thins, deli turkey, cheddar cheese, and cream cheese all thrown in a toaster oven. He said I took one bite and said, "Yum, oh my gosh this is the best sandwich I've ever had!" Hmmm, doesn't really sound like me, but I do make these all the time now and they are delish!! The cream cheese just makes it!

Thursday, January 6

Garden Bench

We love sitting on this little bench in our yard.

Update 1/7: After posting this, I received the following text message from John ~ "I like that photo you posted. I'm a good looking dude." That's why I love him!

Well, here's another one for the vain one.

Wednesday, January 5


So, once I decided to try and do a post/picture a day, the next day my photo card reader broke. Now blogger on my computer won't let me post anything, ahhhhh! Who is sabotaging me??

Well, I finally got my phone set up for blogging, and I am posting this from my phone. I have over 700 pictures on my phone to choose from. I came across this one that reminds me how much I love naps! I really needed them back then!

Tuesday, January 4

Get a load of those ...


It's so hard taking pictures of Will because he is never still and will hardly look at the camera, or he gets so close that I can't focus in and tries to get the camera. So above is the miss and below is a better one.

Monday, January 3

I am a Child of God

Will loved the "I am a child of God" craft they made in nursery on Sunday. He carried it around all day yesterday and today. Too bad he smeared chocolate all over it and his face!

I showed this video clip to the Young Women on Sunday. It's such a great message.

Sunday, January 2

The stockings were hung by the...oops, nevermind!

Will found my fuzzy socks one morning and put them on. It was so cute! He thought they were Nana's though and kept saying Nana's socks, Nana's socks.

When John brought down the Christmas decorations from the attic and we started pulling it all out, Will found the stockings and of course wanted to wear the "socks"!

Saturday, January 1

New Year of Pictures

We really neglected this blog last year. Only 4 posts all year. So, one of my new year's resolutions is to post a picture every day of 2011. Let's see how I do.

This is a pic of Will this New Year's morning in his favorite pj's. I cooked breakfast this morning, french toast, eggs, and bacon, which I never do. John said I was starting the year off right and asked if I would be doing this every morning this year. I said no way! The he said, "What, did you put 'Cook breakfast for my husband one time' on your list of New Year's resolutions and now you can check that off?" Hilarious isn't he . . .