Wednesday, October 15

Growing . . . growing . . . growing . . .

My belly has actually gotten big enough now to post some pics. These pics are at 14 weeks, 24 weeks, and 26 weeks.

For those that don't already know, we decided on a name. He will be William Edward Haralson and we'll call him Will for short. William from John's middle name and Edward from John's Grandad's name. I haven't really blogged much about pregnancy, so here are a few things . . .

Best things about pregnancy so far:
  • Feeling the baby move

  • Telling John the baby needs food

  • Always getting my way

  • Looking and shopping for baby stuff

Annoying things about pregnancy so far:
  • Constipation (Sorry guys!)

  • Pricking my finger 4 times a day :(

  • Not being able to sleep

  • Already feeling huge

  • Maternity Clothes


Pittman Four said...

Feeling the baby move is the best. I don't think anything will ever compare to another life moving inside you. There they are safe and protected. It's really the only place that they truly are... It's strange for me to think about that. Right now they are at school doing who knows what, hearing who knows what and learnign who knows what...

Enjoy that!!!!

though it is much better when you can hold and see them.... It's just you'll never feel anything like that movement again. unless you have really bad gas!!!!

Rachel said...

I am so jealous! How is it that you are stinkin small! I was in maternity clothes by 12 weeks when I was pregnant with Preston! You and Jessie make me sick!:) I'm just kidding! You look so cute! I love the name!

lapierrefamily said...

Cute Pics! I love shopping for baby stuff, its a hard addiction to stop! Ditto on maternity clothes sucking, I cant find a jacket for the winter my baby bump is going to freeze!!!

Jessie said...

I am glad to FINALLY see that you are looking prego!! I have to see it in person with my own eyes to believe it. But, I will get to see you in person today...very cute from th pictures. Does John rub some of that cocoa butter on your belly every night....LOL!
Here I am waddling around like Humpty Dumpty recently and still have 2 1/2 more months...soon Nick will have to cart me around in wheel chair because I wont be able to move!! :)

Love, love, love the name I can finally call the little guy by his name.

Have you started the nursery?

I hope the constipation thing gets better for you...the joys of pregnancy!

Nick said...

So....was John helping you pose for the pictures? You can tell he's getting better. The first picture is just a normal ole' picture, the 2nd, a little more sassiness but not quite there, the 3rd, you're feeling it, you can tell! Good job John!

And don't you ever change clothes!!?? geesh!!!

Angie said...

Hahaha, nope I wear that outfit everyday! I really do wear those jeans a lot though because they are just about my only comfy pair.

I took those pictures myself, John didn't even know I was taking them. Oh the joys of being home alone all day!

Yep, started on the nursery, should be done soon I hope!

Sandy said... are so cute!
I wore the same dress to church for my entire pregnancy. Yuck! (Not that you are)
I'm glad my son is helping out....he probably realizes that to ignore a pregnant woman who requires food is not a good idea for him! :)