Wednesday, October 8

Ode to Salonpas

You are smelly and sticky,
but oh what wonders you do!

So, ever since I was little, we always had Salonpas in the house to help relieve my dad's arthritis. They are just these sticky medicated pads that you put on for a couple of hours that help soothe minor aches and pains. My mom bought them from either the commissary or the oriental store, but I think they are in a lot more stores now. She was always trying to stick them on me when I had any kind of aches . . . "put on a Salonpas!" Well, I really appreciate them now that I'm older. I had a terrible pain in my shoulder all day yesterday. Probably from a bad sleeping position. I just can't sleep comfortably anymore since my belly is getting big, and I'm not used to sleeping on my side! I finally called John to complain to him and he said did you try putting a Salonpas on, there are some in my nightstand. He uses them all the time, by the way! I decided to wait to put one on until bedtime, so it would help me sleep. Worked like a charm! My shoulder didn't bother me at all and feels much better today. Hurray for Salonpas!!


Nick said...

The picture you used on your blog for the salonpas has a warning at the bottom that says "don't use while pregnant". Was this a test to see if we would notice?

Angie said...

It does not!! I looked on my box before I used it and it didn't have anything on it that said do not use while pregnant. I went on the salonpas website to double check and on there is said to ask your physician. I figured it wouldn't hurt to use the patch once especially since the active ingredients were low percentages.

I am going to take the box to my doctor's appt next week though to ask about them, just in case I want to use them again.

Oh, and I forgot to say that John only mentioned the Salonpas after I told him he had to rub my shoulder that night. Brat!

Pittman Four said...

tell nick to leave you alone. They say ask your physician on everything while your pregnant...

Now, the one thing you should never touch is
Propecia.... that's the medicine for balding men.
So if john's on any medicine be careful.


Jessie said...

If you Dr. says that is okay I want to use some!! I am at the bad back stage of pregnancy.....ugh!!!

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