Wednesday, September 24

Smack That

John: Did you ever notice that when you eat honey smacks, it makes your pee smell funny?

Me: Um . . . no.

John: Well, it does, check it out next time you eat them.

Me: I don't think I'll be eating them again, thanks though.


Pittman Four said...

I knew there had to be a reason to not like that cereal...
I've never liked it, so thanks john. I don't want my pee to smell funny.


lapierrefamily said...

same thing with asparagus....Jeremy has told me this before as well. So it must be true...LOL. Boys.

Angie said...

I don't like Honey Smacks either. We've never had it in the house before, but I made the mistake of sending him to the store by himself with a list that had cereal on it. He said he bought it because it was on sale! Ugh!!

Yeah, boys are strange!

Jessie said...

Hey...this is true! I thought that my pee smelled a little funny when I was at your house but I didn't think that it was from the Honey Smacks I was eating I thought that it was because I needed to drink more water :)

John said...

Honey smacks are awesome. It's the cereal that keeps on giving. I think I will go have some right now.

Sandy said...

OMG....I love that cereal and you guys had it growing up....didn't you notice anything then?? It took 27...years to figure this out?

MKShelley said...

It totally does! As does asparagus! And I'm a girl so the whole boy theory gets thrown out the window.

Pittman Four said...

Patrick wants to know why ya'll are smelling your pee!!!!


Pittman Four said...

Does anyone know what fruit loops do??????

If not. Wait till you feed your little baby some fruit loops... Wait a few hours and then change their diaper. :)