Tuesday, March 25

Queen City!

I'm in Charlotte, the queen city, for the next two weeks to train for my new job. I had to leave on Easter afternoon to drive up here (5 1/2 hours!!!). That was a bummer! The drive actually wasn't too bad. I listened to satellite radio for half the trip and then threw on an audio book for the other half ("The Amber Spyglass"). When we travel, John usually drives and takes care of checking into the hotel and all that stuff. So whenever I travel alone it's really strange to have to do all that myself! It really makes me appreciate my sweetie pie!

The last time I was in Charlotte, I didn't really like the city. This trip is a little better so far, maybe because I'm not staying in the downtown area. Although, there is a topless bar across from my hotel! Charlotte is kinda strange. Most of the trees have what looks like a strip of a garbage bag wrapped around their trunks. I found out this is to prevent some type of silk worm from destroying the trees. I would hate to have to wrap all my trees! Also, there are ducks everywhere! I was backing out of the office parking lot, and there were three ducks waddling around right beside my car. I saw more in the parking lot at Ruby Tuesday, and then more in a shopping mall. Strange!

Well, work/training has been a little overwhelming. Everyone there has been really nice so far. There is just lot to learn over the next two weeks and I hope I get everything. There is only one other person here for training this week. He is also from Columbus, so that was an interesting coincidence! I hope these next two weeks go by fast . . .


Nick and Jessie said...

Hey, this is Nick. I read your email that you sent with your new blog this morning so I thought I would come check it out. (don't worry, i'll make those emails go back to "unread" so Jess will think she was the first to read them) So now that I read all of your entries I thought I would be the first to leave a comment. So........FIRST!!!
Also, did you know that I can make my cell phone say hello to me everytime I turn it on? Anyway, look forward to seeing yall this weekend! Tell John to bring up some episodes of the office. We can just play rockband and watch office all night!

Good luck with your job. I hope this was a good first comment.

Nick and Jessie said...

Okay since Nick is a butt I will be the Second one to leave a comment!! Yeah...SECOND!! I love your blog...Oh my word, you are awesome!! This weekend (since you are the computer genius) you can help me make mine look awesome like yours!! I am so excited that you guys are coming up. :)

Angie said...

Nick!!! You are too sneaky! Awesome first and second comments you guys. I can't wait to rock the office with ya'll this weekend!