Wednesday, January 7

Almost Done

For those of you that don't know, I'm not in the hospital anymore. My doctor let me come home for Christmas and my fluid levels actually stayed up this time, so I've been able to stay home on bed rest. I have never loved my home more than I do now. Just not being hooked to an IV 24/7 is wonderful!!

John had the house spotless and he had pulled out and put up our Christmas decorations, so everything looked so pretty when he brought me home!! He has been so great, cooking all my meals and getting everything for me, so I can stay in bed! I know it's because he really hated always being at the hospital and he's been doing everything he can to keep me outta there! :) I feel sorry for the poor guy he has to go to work, take care of me, do all the shopping, do all the cleaning, get everything ready for the baby! Whew! Hey, does this mean I have to change all the poopy diapers as payback??

Well, I thought this baby was going to come early, so these last few weeks seem to be stretching on FOREVER!! Look what a difference 10 weeks makes in belly size. My belly finally popped out in the last two weeks. The pictures are 28 weeks, 37 weeks, and 38 weeks (today). I also cut my hair short between the last two pictures. Hopefully we will be posting baby pictures soon . . .


Rachel said...

Holy crap! You look awesome! I remember with my first my stomach popped out at 12 weeks! I'm glad you're back home and things are going so well. Great job John! And don't worry, there will be plenty of poopy diapers to go around! :) Can't wait to see the little guy!

Pittman Four said...

You Look GREAT!!! I'm glad that you've been able to stay at home.

Jessie said...

YAY!! Look at that belly of yours! Super cute! I can't wait to meet that baby of yours!

Good job with keeping up with things around the house John...I am sorry to say this but I still don't think you should get out of poopies!!

Sandy said...

It's fun to see the "growth" pictures. When I got to the last pic--OMG. Kinda like a basketball--that kicks. Very cute--can't wait to see that little boy.

The very Happy newly weds said...

Congrates on Baby Will he is so cute! David and I are so excited for both of you. (We just got your pictures via E-mail So cute)

Carmella Stroud said...

You are looking awesome for 38 weeks. You go girl. Keep it up!