Sunday, August 23

Baby Moves

The past few days Will has been crawling all around. He probably would have been doing this sooner, but the poor baby has been sick the past two weeks :(

Here are two cute videos of him crawling and standing:

Crawling Baby from Angela Haralson on Vimeo.

Standing (Kind of) Baby from Angela Haralson on Vimeo.


Pittman Four said...

Go Will!!!! before long he will be RUNNING! and you'll wish for the days of rolling over to come back. Your lives will never be the same. Once their mobile there's no turning back. But, I will admit it's GREAT!!! I loved every stage of their lives so far!


The videos are so cute. I'm glad he's feeling better. Way to go Will!!

Sandy said...

I love the new picture on the blog. Those are my "boys" too. Look at Will, he's going to be getting into everything. You'll find that he'll start standing up more and more--especially if there's something interesting, like the remote. Boys have to have their toys. Love, MOM

Jessie said...

Awww...very cute! He is getting around very good. Go Will...y'all are in trouble now

The very Happy newly weds said...

He is such a cute baby! He's growing up so fast. I can't believe he can already crawl and get up on his own. Thanks for the videos. We love them!

Candi said...

YEAH WILL!! He is the cutest little boy ever!! The videos almost made me cry and I'm not even his Mommy! He is growing up way too fast! I'm glad you are both feeling better.

Candi said...

And yes, I would LOVE to decorate your house.


I know I'm leaving another comment, but I was wondering if we could update the Haralson blog...we certainly need birthday, address, and anniversary updates. Again, I love the videos. You two have such a cute baby.