Sunday, December 13

Walk Hard

Here is a short clip of Will doing a little walking. He has been taking one or two steps for the past couple weeks, but just this past Friday he started to take longer walks. The other clip is him having a little fun during breakfast. Sometimes he just gets the giggles for no reason...Oh and you can see his new teeth in the clip. He has a total of 5 right now, 3 on the top and 2 on the bottom. Hope you guys enjoy!!!


Sandy said...

Ahhh...he's so cute! No, he doesn't walk like Frankenstein but that will come when he's walking more on his own. I love the breakfast giggles. Will is such a trip! I'm sure he's laughing at his funny-looking daddy. I got teary eyed-he's growing up and doing things that I don't get to see him do in person. I really miss ya'll so much. MOM


too cute...way to go with the walking. WOW! His hair is so long and those teeth just make him look so different. Miss you all!

Candi said...

YEAH WILL!! Watch out you are about to have a WHOLE new monster on your hands!! He is too cute.