Sunday, March 8



My friend Jessie and I had babies about 2 weeks apart, so here is a pic of the two little guys (Cole and Will)! Hopefully they will be best buds as they grow up. Nick and Jess, please don't move any farther away than Atl!! It's been so fun to go through pregnancy and the newborn stage at the same time with a friend!


Jessie said...

Oh my word...Cole looks like a monster compared to Will!!

But look at those sweet boys!! I am excited to watch them grow up together, it will be SO much FUN!!!! The newborn stage is the hardest so it has been fun going through it with you guys!! Knowing that you are suffering right there with know misery LOVES company!!

We will have to definetly plan the next ones together...
Yes Angie that means you have to "suit up"...I know you know where that comes from :)

And Shhh...Angie you weren't suppose to let our secret out about us moving!!! If only somehow we can convince you to move up here, we already have John convinced, but it will take some work with you Angie!! Don't worry we haven't given up yet!! :)

nick said...

I think Jess gets carried away when looking at these two and thinking Cole is so big! I think it's mainly due to Cole having a Bettes head. Plus that hair doesn't help! Arms and legs extend to similar spots on the car seats. Cole's chin is a little higher but the top of Cole's head shoots up real high (also keep in mind that Cole's due date was 22 days before Will's). So....long story short, Cole is definitely a Bettes b/c of his Bettes head!! In either case, Cole needs a headstart if Will ends up with John's height!

And as long as your sister can help us refinance, we'll definitely not move!!

Heidi said...

OMG!!! They are sooo cute and i am loving all the hair. Reminds me of me when i was a baby. my hair stood straight up and reminded me of a treasure troll. lol

Sandy said...

Those are two handsome boys! It would be fun to have a buddy to grow up with. Who is moving and where? Twelve more days to go!!

Pittman Four said...

how cute are those cute little boys!!!! :)

nick said...

They have to move up here!! It would better for everyone!