Friday, March 13


Will is two months old now and I think we are finally starting to ease into this whole baby/parenting thing! He's turned from a grumpy grunting baby to a mostly happy baby! He likes to smile a lot after he eats and I finally started hearing all those coos that people talk about. He loves to have conversations and is constantly kicking his legs and moving his arms. He is such a wiggle worm! Oh, and he is finally sleeping much better at night! Hurray!

I bought a Bumbo last year at the consignment sale thanks to my friend Candi who said it was a great thing to have. I didn't even know what it was!! Well, we decided to pull it out today and see if Will would sit in it. He loved it and it was so much fun to watch him that we thought we would share!

!Bumbo from Angela Haralson on Vimeo.


nick said...

What in the world are yall up so early for? Also, how did you put this long of a video on a blog? we struggle with anything longer than 30 seconds!!

Also, he's starting to show some personality!! Pretty exciting times, eh?

Dre Drea & Drew said...

He's just perfect. I think that I should invest in a Bumbo for the next baby. I have never seen that before and it looks like it will come in handy quite a bit. Ya'll are blessed to have such a happy baby.

Jessie said...

That is very cute!! He holds up his head really well. Good job Will.
You guys are so funny when you talk baby talk. It is still weird for me to see and hear you guys talking like that!!

Jessie said...

Oh yeah...he doesn't look as tiny anymore to me. He is starting to fill out some more. Good Job Angie!

iamwoman said...

oh wow. That's probably the cutest thing I have seen in forever.

Candi said...

Too cute!! I love all of the smiles! It's like he just realized there is a whole new view to life, not just ceilings. I swear he is a total John clone!

Pittman Four said...

Cute little Will.... He's adorable!!! I love holding him on Wednesday nights!!!!



This video is so cute...I love how you guys talk to him and yep, those babies are top heavy. Too cute! Love you guys.

Carmella 'n Sydney said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing.