Monday, July 21

More Washington Pictures

Ok, so some people might want to read a post about something else (it's coming!) but I wanted to go ahead and finish the rest of our vacation pictures. So enjoy!

This is at the Crime and Punishment Museum. This is the only attraction/museum that cost us money to see. It was really cool, especially at the end where they had all the CSI stuff. I love watching shows like CSI, Law & Order, Without a Trace, so the museum was really fun. I don't recommend buying the audio tour, it was a waste of money.

Vroom Vroom!

This is the inside of Union Station. It is so pretty and there are really nice stores, restaurants, and a nice food court. Our hotel was right across from Union Station, so we were able to ride the metro everywhere! You can go online and buy a weekly metro card for about $11 and have unlimited rides for a week.

On the Fourth of July they had a parade down Constitution Ave. Here were some members of the military getting ready for the parade.

This is in front of a replica of the Wright Bros. plane inside the Air & Space Museum.

This was the landing pod from one of the Apollo missions. The Air & Space Museum was so interesting. We watched a movie on Black Holes in the planetarium there.

This is at the capitol building. We attended the concert there on the 4th of July. The performers were Huey Lewis, Taylor Hicks, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Then they had fireworks, but the fireworks went off near the Washington Monument and we really couldn't see them because of all the trees. I wouldn't recommend going to the capitol building on the 4th because of this and it was also soooo packed! We were in line forever just to get in. If anyone is going to DC on the 4th, I would recommend going to the capitol performance on the 3rd, they do a dress rehearsal. It's the same show with half the crowd. Then stick around the National Mall area on the 4th to be able to get a good view of the fireworks!

Here is my anniversary present this year . . . I wish! It's really the hope diamond on display at the Natural History Museum. There was so much awesome jewelry on display there and it was the display that had the most people packed around it!

We had a blast on this trip, but there was still soooooo much we didn't see! I hope it won't be too long before we have a chance to go back. Some advice for anyone planning a trip; a few places require that you apply for tickets for tours in advance, like the White House and a couple other places I can't remember now.


lapierrefamily said...

looking at your pictures makes me wanna go but we will prob ahve to wait until we get back to ga because flying to there from utah isnt the cheapest way to go! looks like you guys had fun! Hope you guys are doing great!!! ;)

Jessie said...

That is an awesome vacation!!
So on the 4th we were watching the concert they had in Washington and then the fireworks on TV and we were wondering if you guys were there!! We tried calling you but probably through all of the noise you couldn't hear the phone ringing!!!

Jessie said...

BTW...are you reading anything good right now or you waiting for Breaking Dawn to come out!!

Nick said...

I thought the old lady threw that diamond in the ocean??!!

Yes, I was the first with that joke. I was just hoping no one was going to take it. Actually, they say the heart of the ocean diamond is even more valuable than the hope diamond. just a bit of history there for you.

Candi said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! John told us on Sunday, while home teaching. We had fun talking to him. You two should come over for dinner some time!

Candi said...

Oh, I forgot ... We SOO want to go to DC now!!

Angie said...

Thanks Candi, yes we should definitely get together!

Jessie, I just read "Girls in Trucks" and it was awful. Maybe I will post about it.