Thursday, July 31

I dream of Africa

I have some of the craziest dreams sometimes. I had this one particular dream months ago. I was African and living in a tribal village. I had this beautiful cocoa colored skin and wore what you see tribal people wearing in movies and pictures. I also had a baby. Well, in my dream, my village got raided and everyone was running away trying to escape. I strapped my baby to me and took off. I had to swim across a lake to safety. Now, in real life, I'm not that great of a swimmer, but in my dream I was amazing. I had long arms and legs and I swam really fast. Once I got to safety with my baby, I woke up.

The next day I told John about my dream and he didn't believe me! He thought I was making it up!! I finally convinced him that I really did dream that and he thought I was crazy. I just told him he was jealous because his dreams aren't as cool as mine! Ok, I admit it was a weird dream. I've never dreamed that I was another race before! So maybe this was the Lord's way of calming my fears about being a good mother. I mean I totally rocked at getting my baby to safety in my dream. Or maybe I just watch too many action movies :)

So, has anyone ever dreamed that they were a completely different race, or am I the only crazy one out there? Or, what has been your craziest dream?


Nick said...

Never been a different race in my dream but I have been a ghost before.

Also, are you trying to see how many posts in a row you can use the word Cocoa?

Angie said...

Haha you found me out. Just kidding, John used cocoa last time, not me. It's actually shea butter that I have because I heard that it is better.

So, were you haunting Jessie in your dream?

Jessie said...

I have never dreamed about being another race either...but you know they say when you are pregnant you have more CRAZY dreams then usual!!

This one is pretty darn AWESOME!! Now watch I am going to dream about being a different race...I will let you know!!