Sunday, August 3

Crazy Dogs

Ok, so we never feed our dogs table scraps. Seriously, not once. They have only had dog food and dog treats. Well, my brother cooked ribs for us tonight, so I decided to bring the bones home for Maggie and Pookie. I have been neglecting them a little lately and I thought that they deserved a treat.

So, we come home and John gives one bone to each of them. At first they don't know what to do with them. They drop them on the ground and start licking them. Finally, they figure it out and start chomping on them. It took them about 30 minutes to finish them off.

Well, this is how our precious dogs repay us. There are now little turds on my back porch. I'm guessing that it was storming when they had to go and they are such prissy dogs that they didn't want to go out in the rain. Ahhhh! Also, they are so hyper right now. Jumping on the doghouse, running around the back porch crashing into their food bowls. You would think we had dipped those bones in caffeine before we gave them to them.

So, it's not likely that our dogs will be getting table scraps again . . .


Jessie said...

Man...your dogs remind me of Scout and how hyper they are. I can't imagine them being anymore hyper than they already are!!

You should dip some bones in a coke just to see what it would do to them :)