Tuesday, August 12


I love the Olympics! I have loved watching the Olympics ever since I can remember. I love the sports and the stories! My favorite events to watch are Beach Volleyball, Swimming, & Gymnastics. John really likes Women's Beach Volleyball because of the skimpy outfits, ugh! I'm watching synchronized diving as I type this. Pretty interesting, but not that exciting.

The venues this year are amazing! The "Water Cube", the Aquatics Center is by far the coolest! I'm super excited to see if Michael Phelps will win more Gold medals! I just wish it wasn't on so late at night. It's keeping me up way too late, but hey it's only once every four years . . . Go Team USA!

Did anyone catch the new "The Office" promo they played during the Olympics? Hilarious!!! This is the only copy I could find out there, the quality sucks, but it is still funny!

And check out the Olympic Mascots this year!


Jessie said...

I love the Olympics as well!!! That is all that we have watched...I missed that promo for the Office because now that we have a DVR Nick forwards through all commercials!!!
But... Micheal Phelps is Amazing!!

John said...

I love the office clip. I have watched it about 10 times now. LOL

Nick said...

I watched it 3 times before I came to leave a comment. I can't wait till the office comes on b/c i'm not watching commercials anymore!!