Monday, August 25

Awesome Husband

Ok, so I have to give love to John for all that he does for me. He has been doing so much more around the house since I've been pregnant. He is always doing the dishes (not sure how long that is going to last...) and helping me out. Last week I was invited out to do some scrapbooking. I haven't scrapbooked in years and I had a lot of fun! I got home a little late and found that while I was gone, John had given both the dogs a bath, cleaned off the back porch, cleaned out the dogs kennels and moved them to the laundry room, cut the grass in both the back and front yard. I was so happy, the dogs really needed a bath, and my back has been hurting too much lately to do it myself. A couple of months ago when I was out of town for work, I came home to find that my closet had been cleaned and everything put away. Hmmm, it seems he's more productive when I'm out of the house . . . maybe not, right now it's 9:30pm and he is outside cleaning the leaves out of gutters right now. Yay, so thanks John, for all that you do, I really do appreciated it!!!

Gotta love the head flashlight!

Oh, I found a better quality of that hilarious "The Office" promo Slap Face and I found a couple of other promos that I hadn't seen before. So this is for all you lucky people that have DVR and fast forward through the commercials!


Pittman Four said...

Good Job John!!!!
It's great to have someone who loves you enough to help!!!!

John said...

I try and do my best, it seems like there are just not enough hours in the day to get it all done. So the head lamp comes in handy for night work.

Jessie said...

Man...John you need to have a talk with Nick!! Here it is 12:00 at night and I am staying awake to make sure that Nick has clean workout clothes tomorrow!! Now, that is TRUE love!!!! :)

Nick said...

Yeah, talk to me b/c i'm so lazy!!

Sandy said...

I knew John would make a good husband! Owning your own property makes you want to keep it up.

rowdystroudy said...

That is awesome! We'll see how well he keeps it up after the baby comes:)