Wednesday, August 6

I need a little Magenta in my Life . . .

A couple of months ago, I saw a Katherine McPhee video where she had magenta highlights. I thought it was so cool and decided I wanted to do that to my hair someday. Well, since I work at home now, I thought it was the perfect time . . . tada!

Pretty crazy, huh! It took forever for the stylist to do this. Because my hair is so dark, she had to bleach the highlights first, wash it out, blow dry the bleached pieces, apply the color to just those bleached pieces, wash it out, cut my hair, and then blow dry it! Whew, I'm tired from just typing all that!

She did a peek-a-boo type highlight. Which means when I part my hair on the side I normally do, not as much color shows through, but when I flip the part a bunch of color shows through. The picture above is of the "wild side part"!

John and my sister love it, my Mom really hates it. My dad hasn't seen it yet, but I know he's not going to like it. He doesn't like it when I do crazy things to my hair! It's a lot brighter than I thought is was going to be, but they say these colors fade pretty quickly, which I'm not sure yet if that's a good or a bad thing! Anyway, I love it right now, but we'll see how long before I'm sick of it!


John said...

Oh and it looks a lot more hott pink than the picture shows. I think it looks really cool. Kind of punk rock!!!

Jessie said...

I like it!!!!! I think that you are probably the only person that I know that could pull of Magenta highlights. Didn't you dye the color purple once in your hair?

It would be really cool if John put some matching magenta color in his hair and you guys would look AWESOME!!!

I am still trying to figure it out if you are tricking us or not! I guess I wont be convinced until I see it in person :)

Candi said...

Looks cute. I would never be that brave!

Angie said...

By brave, do you really mean crazy? I did read a couple of horror stories on the internet before I went that almost gave me cold feet. I figured so far I haven't had a bad hair cut or bad color job that I haven't been able to "undo", so I figured what the heck. I take that back, I had a really terrible perm that my mom gave me in the 5th grade. I'll have to dig up that picture and post it!!!

I'm not tricking you Jessie, you'll see for yourself next weekend!

Sandy said...

Okay, so John said your hair was different. It is cute and not overdone. Please don't change it to blue because you're having a boy. John and Nick added peroxide to their hair one summer. It is a lot cheaper. LOL

Anonymous said...

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