Tuesday, May 26

Pa Pa Pa Pok O Reel

So, I listed this
Pok-O-Reel on Ebay for my dad. He's been begging me for weeks to try to sell it for him. For those of you that don't know, my dad is a junk dealer, at least that's what I call him! He has a booth out at the flea market and sells junk every weekend. He is always going to yard sales, estate sales, and auctions looking for stuff. He told me I could have 40% of whatever I sell for him on ebay. Pretty sweet, huh! I just hate Ebay, so I have to really get motivated to start listing some stuff for him.

So for the past couple of weeks every time I've thought "Oh, dang, I gotta list that Pok-O-Reel!" I immediately think of the Lady GaGa song Poker Face and so I am singing Pa pa pa pok o reel pa pa pa pok o reel ALL DAY!!! Ahhhhhhh! Hopefully I will be able to sell it soon and be rid of it and the song for good!!!


Jessie said...

Hey Angie! I am back from a blogging vacation...HORRAY!! :)

Very funny....and thanks for sharing because now that song is going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day!!

Sandy said...

Is this a slot machine or jukebox??

Pittman Four said...

Hey.. Go Angie... It's up to $330.
Who knew the song would be so popular.


Carmella 'n Sydney said...

People will buy anything! You might want to post some more stuff for him.