Tuesday, May 5

Roll Baby Roll

Will rolled over for the first time last Tuesday!! John and I were cleaning, so I put Will down on his back on a blanket on the floor. I looked over at him a minute later and he was on his stomach!! He became a pro at it the next day, rolling over a bunch. Now whenever I put him down, he wants to roll over, which is aggravating!! Well, this weekend he learned how to roll back off his belly onto his back, so now I have a little rolly polly!!

Here is a video clip. The first part has him rolling both ways, I added the other clip on the end because it was cute, he only rolls one way in that one, but does some good tummy time!

Roll Baby Roll from Angela Haralson on Vimeo.


Candi said...

He is so cute and growing up so fast!

Spencer said...

I gotta tell you guys I read your blog all the time, but I almost never leave messages, well I'm going to try to actually leave comments.

I think that Will and Isaac (and Cole) could be best friends. It's fun to watch Will b/c he is at the same stage as Isaac. Great looking kid, must take after his mom (:

Angie said...

We read your blog too. Let me re-phrase that. I read it and then tell John about it! Yes, they could be best friends, we need to get these boys together! Although hopefully they won't be as rowdy as I hear you boys were!