Thursday, May 21

Vision Correction

Well I've been on my last pair of disposable, only supposed to wear for two weeks contact lenses for about the last two months. Last week my eyes finally had enough and my left eye started hurting and got really red. I had to wear my glasses all weekend so my eye would heal, ugh! Of course it has been over a year since my last eye exam, so I had to get another eye exam before I could get more contacts. I went and did that on Monday. I hate eye exams!! All that, "is this clearer, or is this clearer? one better, or two? better now, or worse?" I DON'T KNOW!!! They all look pretty close to me, my prescription never seems to come out right anyway! And of course, "read the lowest line you can see." Why do I always feel like a loser when I can't see the tiny lines??? I should have those lines memorized by now, but along with my bad vision I also have a bad memory! Oh, and you gotta love getting that puff of air blown in your eye!

So, they always ask me if I sleep in my contacts and I always say "um, sometimes", knowing that I sleep in them about 95% of the time and knowing that they know it too. I thought for sure that John would hear through the door the optometrist asking me this and bust through the door and tell on me, luckily he was preoccupied with Will! I had been trying be better about taking my contact out this last year, and then I had a baby. Those first two months there was no clear definition of sleep and awake, plus I HAD to be able to SEE my baby at all times (paranoid first time mother for ya), so there was no taking my contacts out AT ALL. I probably aged my eyes a couple of years in those two months. My question is, am I the only contact lens abuser out here?

Oh, and my eyes did get worse this year, my prescription changed, DANG IT! I am going to have to get lasik surgery pretty soon while I still can . . . I am resolving now to take better care of my eyes and not sleep in my contacts anymore. So far this week I have done pretty good!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I have been wearing contacts since I was 12 years old. I have a lot of eye exams stories, including some about my previous old old Chinese optometrist, but alas this post has gone on long enough!

Ok, just one more. This one time they were doing the pressure test and my eyes were watering sooo bad because I had again gone too long with old contacts. The tech that was doing the test said "you totally look like you have been smoking marijuana!" I was shocked, but I just kinda laughed. No way was I going to admit the truth, I just let her think what she wanted to . . . sad, I know.


Candi said...

You would rather be thought of as a pothead than a contact abuser? hahaha

Angie said...

hey, they are intimidating!! This one lady almost didn't give me a prescription!!

Rachel said...

I've had glasses since I was 3 and contacts since I was 12...I HATE the optometrist! It's good to know that if I ever smoke pot and go to the optometrist that I can just say I've been wearing my contacts to bed. Thanks! :)

Pittman Four said...

Just so you know... Your eyes get worse with each child!!!!!

So, don't have the lasik until you are done. Kat's first eye exam was when she was four. So, they did the picture test and not the ABC test. You could ask for that one. Anyway, she had to sit in my lap because she was too small and she would whisper what is it? to me. She's a CHEATER!!!!

It was funny. I know LOTS of people who sleep in their contacts. ME, I can't stand to wear them for 8 hours let alone sleep in them. :)

Sandy said...

LOL....I think the Dr. probably thought you were COOL because everybody does it!! I'm going for the 1 contact method. I can see distances but not up close and I'm tired to losing my glasses. I tell my class "FREEZE" and then say, anybody seen my glasses. They always find them for me, but I'm tired of losing, buying, forgetting them. So, I got vision insurance this year in order to make a change.

Heidi said...

I admit ... i sleep with my contacts too. I used to go weeks without taking them out but when i did my eyes would burn. I went to the optometrist they said that the reason my eyes were burning was because as i slept with my contacts in it was eating away the thin layer that protects your eye or something like that so when i put my contacts back in it would act like a bandaide and my eyes can't heal. So he made me wear glasses for a week so now i only go a few days with sleeping with my contacts. My optometrist knows i still do becauase at the last appt he asked if i preferred this one brand because you can sleep with them in. Yeah ... i tried to play it off and kept the same brand. lol

Nick said...

I take my contacts out every night and when i wake up i put my glasses on. what cured me was having one of my contact lenses slipping to the back of my eyeball and connecting to the nerves and veins back there. it caused me to temporarily go blind and even cause me to damage my sight after 4 surgeries to locate the contact and have it removed. the damage was caused by the surgeries but there was no avoiding it.

Angie said...

Nick, you're so full of crap! :)

Sandy said...

full of crap--yes! But, extremely FUNNY!

Carmella 'n Sydney said...

I asked that question to the Dr and it can't happen. As I have aged, gracefully, I've had to take them out daily. But I will slip a few days in there when they are a new pair. I've got to get new ones too, been almost three months no this one pair. Yikes!