Wednesday, April 2

Easter Pictures

Okay, I know it's a little belated, but here are some pictures from my family's Easter get together. Sick of the pastels yet? It was my sister's idea to get dressed up in the different colors. John hates that sort of thing and complained the whole time I was trying to find something for us to wear. Aren't all my little nephews cute! You can't even tell that they are a quarter Japanese except for the slightly slanted eyes!

Poor John had to speak in church on Easter Sunday. How intimidating, better him than me!!! I really enjoyed his Easter talk, he did a good job. (Hey Jessie, "THAT WAS ANOTHER GOOD ONE!!!") So, I guess I can feel a bit cynical at times (I'm working on it . . .), but I always feel touched by the Spirit when he speaks. Mostly because I know him so well and I know he would only say things that he really feels and believes. Thanks for inspiring me babe!


Jessie said...

Awesome family pics....gotta rock the pastels for Easter. Why didn't you guys were pink? j/k... Ummm.....John is touching your behind Angie, isn't that a little wrong for a family photo? :) Just playin'
John... (THAT WAS ANOTHER GOOD ONE!!!)keep on inspiring :)

Rachel said...

Hi you guys! Long time, no see! I'm glad to see you all have a blog to stay in touch a little bit better. We're not the best at that if you haven't noticed! It's great to see you all and see what you've been up to. Keep in touch!

Angie said...

Hi Rachel, yeah it's really fun reading everyone's blogs, glad you found ours!