Saturday, April 12

Life is good

Our sweet ride! We got the Jeep back in November from Hickory, NC. Here are a few pictures from our trip.

We drove from Hickory to Asheville and ate lunch there. Then I made John take the Blue Ridge Parkway home so we could drive through the mountains with the top down. It was great, so beautiful! Too bad John didn't enjoy it as much, though because of all the shifting he had to do.

So, it was pretty cold, but we didn't want to put the top up, hence the hoodies! Funny story about those hoodies. We didn't bring any warm clothes with us, so before we started for home, we stopped by TJ Maxx and bought those hoodies. When we got back to the jeep, John put it in what he thought was reverse. It was a little tricky because there are six gears and it was his first time putting it in reverse. Oh, did I mention we were on a hill and there was a car parked in the space in front of us? The jeep lurched forward and luckily he stopped it before we hit the other car. I got out and looked and we were almost touching the other car. John found reverse and was about to back out, but I was freaked out that we might hit that car, so I made him wait. We waited a few minutes to see if the owner would come out, and meanwhile I was picking on him a little bit because I wanted an automatic, but being a guy, he just had to have a manual! So then, John decides that he is tired of waiting and wants to go, but I realize that I haven't switched the insurance over yet. I get on my phone and switch the insurance from our old car to the jeep, just in case! Luckily, as I was doing that, the other car's owner came out and left. Whew, what a relief! So, John really didn't want me to share this story, but to his credit, when he backed out he proved that he was right and the jeep didn't roll forward at all, pretty good!

We drove through a bunch of cute towns on the way home. It's nice to take the scenic route when you have the time. We stopped in Helen, GA for some bratwurst and sauerkraut and to put the top back up. It took us about 45 minutes to get the top back on. We are much better now! So, we didn't have any pictures of us together on this trip, so I merged two pictures together to make the one above. Just wanted to share that in case anyone thought I looked like a midget and John like a giant, even though he really is so tall!


Jessie said...

That picture looks great!! I would have never known that you merged the two together...I am impressed. I need whatever program you have!
By the way can you send my family's picture again that you edited for me I think I deleted the email.
Also, sweet ride you know we are JEALOUS!! want to trade for the zoom, zoom....

Spencer, Jenny, and James said...

John,I love the Jeep, man. You are truly livin' the dream!