Wednesday, April 16

Love for "The Office" . . . and Twilight?

My new header is a tribute to "The Office" since the new episodes started last week. Yay!!!

There is an artist, tacos_rebellion, that does little office cartoons that are really cute. They didn't have the alliance scene, but here are two I like:

Oh, thinking about vampires, I haven't really been that excited about the Twilight movie, since movies are never as good as the books, but this video clip from MTV got me excited! Watch out though there is at least one bad word spoken at the end.

Also, here is what Stephenie Meyer posted on her site about the movie:

6 fun facts from the set:

1) While watching the playback from a very intense scene with Bella and Edward, the girl next to me literally slid right out of her chair—I think her bones melted. She also may have stopped breathing for a few seconds, too. I know I did.

2) Mike Welch can dance.

3) Hugging Kellan Lutz (Emmett) is the closest you can get to hugging a vampire; he is made of granite. (But please do not try to hug Kellan without his permission. Thank you.)

4) Portland is too cold. For anyone. But especially for Arizonans.

5) Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) can really play the guitar. Our taste in music is not exactly the same, but we found common ground with Radiohead's Creep, with which he then serenaded me.

6) As you might guess, I do a lot of internal swooning on the set. However, I have an excellent poker face.

To conclude, I would like to make a few comments about Rob and Kristen, who are the true heart of this movie. First, they are both amazing actors. Second, they are channeling Edward and Bella like nobody's business. Third, you might want to bring a paper bag to the movie, because their on-screen chemistry may cause hyperventilation. That is all.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of TV/Movie news. Yeah, I know, I have no life!


Rachel said...

Okay so now that I've read all the books I have to say I'm obsessed as well. I was into the books so bad that I forgot to clean our place up. Sad I know. But now I'm dying the the 4th book. And I know what you mean about not knowing if you want to see the movie. I'm debating on it as well. It bothers me when movies aren't as good as the books. Maybe they'll get it right this time! I love that you and Jessie love these books.

Angie said...

Glad to hear you finished reading them all. I know I love getting lost in a good book! I may have to read them again this summer to get ready for the 4th!

Jessie said...

I saw that on her website and got totally excited as well!! It looks like the movie will be interesting!
There is also a clip on her website that is from ET did you see that one?

Lulucarrot said...

Girl after my own heart. The office and twilight! This is Erica (johnson) Jon's friend from Columbus. Sure is fun to see you guys via blogger!

Nick said...

Jim: Question, What kind of Vampire is best?

Dwight: That's a ridiculous question?

Jim: False, Edward

Dwight: That's Debatable, there are basically two schools of thought....

Jim: Fact, Edward eats beats. Edward, Beats, Battlestar Galictica.

Dwight: Edward does not - what is going on? What are you doing?

Angie said...

Ok, Nick wins best comment ever!

Nick said...

About time someone shows appreciation for that!! If only I would've posted it right away so everyone could've read it!