Monday, April 14

Providence Canyon

We went to Providence Canyon for a little hike with David & Jacie.

Jacie wore her good sneakers, so David carried her over the stream so she wouldn't get them muddy. How sweet!

Girls behaving badly!

John kept making faces and wouldn't smile, so here he is looking mental.

Soon to be baby mamma and baby daddy!

The wind was so bad that day and made my hair crazy big!!!


lapierrefamily said...

fun hike!

Jessie said...

Looks Awesome! Glad that you guys had fun!! Jacie is lookin' mighty mama :)

Erik said...

I really liked the the pictures of the hike. It looks like all you guys back in the south are doing good.

Hillybug said...

I have some good picks of a couple of trips we all took to hike there, maybe I will post them in an ode to old GA friends! How are you guys? You look good, I was happy to see your blog, it's fun to see what you are up to!

Angie said...

Yes, you should definitely post your pics. That would be fun to see!

Holly Lind said...

1st of all...does John always look a little mental?? No, I'm kidding, but I couldn't resist! Girls behaving badly...what an example for the rest of us! And I love your big hair, no really I do. You should try it on purpose. CUTE!