Tuesday, May 13

I love to sing

Guys.....I want some advice here. I've been a huge fan of A.I. (American Idol) for a while. I'm thinking about trying out this next season. I sing all the time. I know so many songs it's not even funny. I sing to the radio and have a pretty nice collection of C.D.'s (Compact Discs). You name the song and I will sing it in at least 3 different languages. Music is my passion and David Archalletta is my hero.


Holly Lind said...

DO IT!!!! Archuletta is my boyfriend, isn't he cute?? And he is totally going to win it! And then you could be the next American Idol and the Mormons will take 2 in a row!!! GO JOHN!!

Angie said...

Ok, so Nick got ahold of our computer and posted that as John. John thought it was so funny that he won't take it down!!! So, I'm sad to say that John really doesn't sing that well and will not be trying out for American Idol, unless he wants to show up on the reject outtakes!

He really wants David Cook to win, yuck! Oh, but I do love David Archuletta!!!

Jessie said...

Well, I think that it would be AWESOME to see John in the reject outtakes!! Do it John or should I call you fart as Davis would say :)

Holly Lind said...

That's awesome that someone else posed as John. I don't think he should take it down either! And I don't know if John sings bad enough to get on the outtakes...Poor guy can't catch a break!