Wednesday, May 21

Mother's Day Flowers

I know this is late, but I just wanted to post this beautiful flower arrangement that Mayumi (Designs by Mayumi) created for my mother. The picture really doesn't capture how stunning the arrangement was! Mayumi does great work and always brings the most beautiful arrangements to display at church! My mother loved the flowers, she couldn't get over how pretty they were! Isn't she so cute!

As a side note, I had to change my opening song on the blog to "Imagine" to honor David A. who totally killed in the American Idol finals last night. Love the song, hope he wins!!! We are a house divided, though. John still wants David C. to win! Uh oh, All the Bob and Sheri callers this morning have said that they voted a bunch of times for David C., one lady voted 400 times, crazy!!! It may be an upset!!!


Jessie said...

What beauty-ful flowers that you bought your mom!! I know David A. was so awesome last night!! I am upset because Dial Idol is predicting that David C is going to win!! I will be so upset :(

floydfamily said...

David Cook is so more interesting. David A needs so more seasoning. Yeah! David Cook wins!!

Angie said...

Quit rubbing it in! David A's voice is awesome, but he does need to grow up!