Monday, May 12

Isn't she lovely

Can you believe that John went and saw David's new baby with out me!!! He got to hold her first, no fair!!! Here are some cute pictures. The quality isn't great because they were taken on a camera phone.

No, John isn't choking the baby, just holding her head up!


Jessie said...

Aww...very sweet!! She looks ADORABLE!!! How did he go without you. Where were you?

Angie said...

I was at home. He got off of work early last Friday, and went by there to pick up some tools to do some tile work. I didn't even know he was going over there, and then he came home and was all, hey look at the pictures on my phone! What a brat!

Sandy said...

David looks so happy and that baby sure looks tiny in John's arms. What did they name her??