Tuesday, May 6

Usually only John gets to see this!

I've been working at home for about a month now and so far it has been pretty great! I'm still getting used to the change and there are some downsides. It's been a little tough learning the systems on my own especially when the main form of communication is email and instant messenger. I am starting to get the hang of it though. Sometimes it can be really boring with out any coworkers to gossip with or to discuss tv shows (lost, the office) with :( Another downside is that my family doesn't actually think I work. My sister called the other day and left me a message that said, "Hey, this is your sister. You'd better call me back because I know that you are at home and not doing anything!" My mom is always coming down to my house to try to plant flowers because she has run out of space at her house. She also tries to get me to take her shopping. Come on people, I swear I really am working! Also my dogs are constantly staring at me through the glass in the back door with sad eyes pleading me to play with them or take them for a walk, poor pups :( One last annoying this is that since John has to get up before me, as soon as he gets out of the shower he starts singing in a really high pitched annoying voice, "Time to get up in the morning." Ok, so I am not a morning person, and this drives me CRAZY!!!

On the flip side here are a few good things about working at home. I get to sleep later, yay! I can get stuff done around the house during the time I used to be commuting home from work. I'm saving gas, although not that much because John and I used to car pool. I'm saving money on lunch because I eat at home. I can now exercise at lunch or take the dogs for a walk or take a nap! I can listen to music, podcasts, or books on tape and not have to wear headphones! I can surf the web freely without someone in infosec scrutinizing my web usage. I'm sure there are other great things that I am forgetting to write, but the best thing is that I get to work like this and nobody cares:



Jessie said...

Angie...that is AWESOME!! Must I say that I am glad when I call you during the day that you don't screen my phone calls!! YAY for me I pass the screening test always!(Giving myself High-five)

Jessie said...

One more thing unless you want your answering machine to pick up and then you will get this
"Pick-up, pick-up, picka, picka, picka, pick-up, know how it goes :)

Angie said...

That was hilarious! I'm so sad that message got deleted!!!