Monday, June 9


Well, they got me for girls camp at the last minute this year. I had no idea this was coming. In fact, I remember thinking a couple of weeks ago how great it was that I didn't have to go to girls camp this year . . . ha! I took my old, small digital camera to camp and this is the only picture that turned out half way decent. They were all blurry!!! It really makes me appreciate my nice digital camera, but there was no way I was taking that to camp! This was the "Dancing with the Stars" night. Our ward did a dance to a Hairspray song, that is why we were dressed like that. So here is summing up the camp experience: hot, cool, humid, bottled water, hot, certification, hot, no sleep, bugs, spiders, hot, pranks, drama, gossip, hot, crafts, classes, food, testimonies, tears, games, dancing, hot, skits, laughter, and what I got when I left . . .sick!!! A cold that is, but I'm pretty much over it now. I did have fun at camp. It was fun hanging with the girls and the other leaders and getting all the gossip, mostly good gossip!


Jessie said...

Come on Angie did you do the dance to Hairspray... b/c next time we see you we want to see your Hairspray moves!!!

Looks like fun...I hope that you are feeling better now

Angie said...

Yeah, I got the moves!