Monday, June 16

Conversation about a Dream

Angie: I had a dream last night about "The Office." I was in one of the scenes and I was Pam.

John: Oh, I see, you like Jim.

Angie: Um, well maybe you were Jim in my dream . . .

John: I know I wasn't in your dream. When I dream of celebrities, you are never in those dreams.

Angie: Do you dream that you are in a scene from a movie or tv show and you are one of the characters, like I do?

John: No, I dream that it is real life and I'm just so cool, they all want to hang out with me.

Angie: You're weird!

John: No, you're weird!


Nick said...

hey, i left a comment under the bowling shoes story. you should go check it out!

Jessie said...

Nick, you have way to much time on your hands but I do have to give you some props that is a pretty funny comment!! John told me he wear VS lingerie all the time

Nick dreams about Salma Hayek all the time because someone once told me that I look just like her!!!LOL!!!

Angie said...

You are crazy Nick!

Nick said...

Jessie, everytime I look at you I think of Salma Hayek!!