Friday, June 13


I was tagged by Rachel awhile back, so here it finally is:

Attached or single: Attached at the hip
Best friend: John (this is half sweet and half pathetic)
Cake or pie: Ice cream cake
Day of choice: Saturday (According to Nick, I'm going to the fiery pit of you know where for not saying Sunday)
Essential item: Cell phone.
Favorite color: Maybe maroon, maybe I don't really have one . . .
Greatest accomplishment: Teaching myself to crochet
Hometown: C-Town
Indulgences: Chocolate
January or July: Definitely July - love the summer heat!
Kids: None yet
Life incomplete without: Johnny boy
Marriage date: August 3, 2002
Number of siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister...both older
Oranges or apples: yummy oranges
Phobias or fears: zombies
Quote: "A classic is something that everybody wants to have read and nobody wants to read." - Mark Twain
Reason to smile: My silly dogs that always give unconditional love!
Season: Fall
Tag 5 friends: Nah
Unknown fact about me: I was salutatorian at my high school graduation. Yeah, yeah second place is the first loser!
Very favorite store: Book Stores!
Worst habit: Too shy, introverted, anti-social, socially awkward whatever you want to call it. Oh I guess these aren't really habits . . . what was the question again?
X-ray or ultrasound: Um, never really thought about it . . .
Your favorite food: Chinese
Zodiac sign: Virgo


rowdystroudy said...

wait...I thought I was your best friend. wow----you really know how to hurt a gal:(

Rachel said...

I know the "tag" is always annoying to do so I PROMISE I will never tag you again!:) Thanks for doing it!

Jessie said...

I thought that I was your best friend!! Sniffle, sniffle....
a big tear just ran down my cheek.